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 Something happened today that made me kinda proud. Over the last month I've been trying to make lifestyle changes that will enable me to feel better, get healthy and lose weight. Today my mom and I had lunch and were escorted to a booth table (which I dread because I usually don't fit well) but this time I did fit! And I had room to spare! I can see my weight going down on the scale, and I definitely feel more energetic but I can't see myself getting any thinner, so this was a welcome event. 

I know I'm an idiot for even getting this heavy in the first place and of course I'm going to always regret not starting this journey earlier in life, but I'll never regret starting it.

Mom and I also tooled around the flea market. I got crispy despite my use of spf 110 sunscreen but we logged a lot of steps!
And on another note, don't roll your eyes at me. I promise this is not going to be a weight loss journal but I am going to write about milestones, so there.

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